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  •  Calendar Raffle

    9/30 Regina Edersheim $200

    10/1 March Yard $150

    10/2 Tricia Bolanz Riedy

    10/3 Christine Marinelli $75

    10/4 Lonnie Allgood $100

    10/5 Jessica Agans $50

    10/6 Dionee Hutchinson $50

    10/7 Lauren Suskaveevic $50

    10/8 Sandy LoPiccolo $50

    10/9 Jody McCoy

    10/10 Sandy Milkowski

    10/12 Lois Ash

    10/13 Sister Susan Ambroch

    10/14 Javier Zepeda

    10/15 Dr. Phyllis Anderson-Wright


    Winners are selected on a weekly basis (Saturday).


    Corporate Sponsorships

    Your Support in the Falcons Fundraising Efforts is Imperative to Our Continued Success!  Please Click here to view our ongoing Fundraising Efforts.  For information on Corporate Sponsorship - Please Click Here



    Thank you to all those that participate, organize and help make All Our Fundraisers a Success.  Fundraising is necessary to keep our organization Financially Healthy, Registration Fees low, Lights on the Field, Practice Space for our Cheer Teams and many, many other items.  Thank You!

    For a full listing of this
    season's events, click here.

    • 10/28/2016 • 6:00pm - Flag/MM Cheer practice - Edge
    • 10/29/2016 • 8:00am - FB practice @ Copper Hill
    • 10/29/2016 • 10:00am - Varsity Cheer practice-JP Case
    • 10/29/2016 • 10:00am - PW Cheer practice - Edge
    • 10/29/2016 • 12:00pm - JPW Cheer practice JP Case

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    Volunteers are Vital to the Health of this Organization.

    Thank you to All our Volunteers!

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     Chain Gang
     Clean Up Crew
    Snack Shack 

     Set Up Crew

     Ticket Takers

    & 50/50 Tix Sellers


    It is because of YOU the Flemington Falcons are so Successful! 


    • Mitey Mite
    • No Game

    • Jr Pee Wee
    • Hamilton


    • Falcons


    • Pee Wee
    • Jr Varsity
    • Varsity
    • Unlimited

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    FOOTBALL FAMILIES: 2016 Rutgers Football Camp

    Rutgers Football will host camps this summer for kids in grades 1-12. Registration link provided.

    Congratulations to all our Falcons Year Round Season Teams!

    All 3 teams, JPW, PW and Midget were UNDEFEATED!!

    Flemington Falcons Breathe, Believe, Achieve in Disney

    The Flemington Falcons Competitive cheer teams began their season in August as three teams with one dream…to grab the Pop Warner National title.... Read the complete Story Here..

    Flemington Falcons Challenger Program

    The Pop Warner Challenger football program is a modified flag football program for boys ages 5-16 that have defined special needs that would not enable them to play in the regular flag or full contact football programs.

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